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The Galactic as F*ck Podcast

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"Being Spiritual AF ain't always easy..."

Let's face it, life on Earth as a Starseed gets hella weird sometimes. I'm here to be your guide through this crazy ride we call the human experience. Through podcasts, books, courses, and personal coaching, you have access to all of my intergalactic wisdom, as well as my personal human experiences of being a Starseed and a Twin Flame in Union right here on this wild, beautiful planet.

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Learn the 5 Steps to Union in our exclusive online course! Enroll now and master your Twin Flame Journey!

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Become the Goddess You Were Born to Be!

The Goddess School is now open! Learn the 10 crucial elements of a magical and empowered life. Become the Goddess you were born to be. Save big with the Goddess School Online Course Bundle or Self-Study Ebook

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"I simply adore this podcast and having Penelope in my ear! Her insights are astonishingly sound and profound, yet highly accessible for all. I can't recommend it enough!!

Nicole G.

"Such a fantastic course so far! A really important message articulated in a beautiful and inspiring way. Thanks so much Penelope! :) "

Anna K.

"Penelope is so authentic, deep, transparent, and raw."

Tia P.

"I actually learn things that I have not heard anywhere else. There are good exercises too. Thanks for your great work."


"Amazing, well structured course taught by an amazing Goddess like teacher! Loads of useful exercises and meditations."

Jenny H.