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Archangel Messages: Autumnal Equinox 2019

Welcome to Fall! Archangels Ariel and Michael both had messages for you they wanted me to share with the collective. Listen to the recorded message on the podcast for the additional frequency download. Take a deep breath and center yourself…

Message from Archangel Ariel:

“In this time of great change, during this change in the seasons, during this shift into the waning darkness of winter, I Archangel Ariel am here to encourage and bless you with the following message. You are magnificent. You are valued and deeply appreciated. No matter what you may be going through at this time in your incarnation, please know that you are infinitely loved and blessed by all of us in the non-physical.

We see what you cannot yet see and it is a magnificence and glory of the one divine creator that you will soon be open and available to pull through your vessel onto this planet. We know that you have felt this calling, this pull, this magnetism to some place or something that you are yet unaware of, but you can feel it. We are here to tell you to follow that quiet, consistent pull of your heart strings. It will lead you onto the path of your highest existence, of your deepest pleasure, and you greatest accomplishments.

The harvest is here and you will now be reaping what you have sowed in the spring and springtime’s past. Do not allow any negative experiences to pull you into negatively focusing your thoughts. Whatsoever comes is a neutral reflection of your inner selves at the time you acted or believed what you did and planted those seeds. These experiences are not meant to punish you. They are your greatest allies and teachers.

You are never judged nor punished from our perspective. It is your guilt and pain that create the perspective of those kinds of experiences. Simply observe what appears in your lives at this time, dissect and feel out the frequencies, then examine your own inner landscape to root out the matching belief system. Call upon us to assist you in finding clarity and transmuting your faulty perceptions that have lead to these poisoned seeds and weeds that have contaminated your Garden of Eden here on earth. 

For the twin flame collective we encourage you to turn inward at this time. As the sun begins its decent into the underworld, so too shall you dive into the depths of your own darkness and shadows. Your union is calling to you now stronger than ever. Allow this pull to drown you into the depths of the darker emotions you have not allowed yourself to purge. We are sending assistance to you now. Each one assigned an angelic presence to walk beside you into this darkness so that you do not get lost in it. Trust that this is so. We are there with you always.

We have already seen the end of your stories and they are all so brilliant and beautiful and full of joy and abundant love. You all will achieve this union you so desire. It is the only way that this story ends for you. Trust and know this in the depths of your being and you shall instantly remove a vast majority of what is causing your current separation.

If you do not know your divine counterpart as yet, you will soon make contact on the energetic or dream realms. Pay close attention and breathe and relax deeply before sleep. Soften and open all the energetic channels in your body. Relax your spine, the spaces in between the vertebrae. To do that just bring your awareness to those places and imagine any stagnant energy gentle seeping out into the universe to be cleansed and transmuted by us. 

In your waking hours, slow down. Breathe deeper than you have been. Feel your feet fully on the ground. Feel fully the surfaces, people, and things that you touch. Ground yourself into the contact that you make with the physical reality. Your twin flame union is already complete on the soul and energetic levels, it is the grounding into the physical reality that you have not yet mastered. They are you and you are them. The more you are grounded into your physical experience, the more they too will be able to ground into your physical experience as well.

This means fully embracing the nature of your sensuality, feeling the world with all of your senses. Working to integrate more and more these sensations and increase your capacity for feeling them little by little everyday. This includes the sensation of life force energy flowing within your own body. This sensation is that which you would call arousal and because of its sexual connotation, many of you avoid this sensation. However, this sensation is the very feeling of life flowing through you. Its movement is assisted by the waves of your breath. The deeper and slower you breath the more free this energy becomes.

This energy follows breath. If you feel overwhelmed because it is moving too quickly within you, deliberately slow your breath. It will obey. Do not however, shorten or hold your breath. The more that you do this the more that energy becomes stagnant and can cause what you call dis-ease or other physical ailments. This allowing of feeling this energy coursing through you is the sensual power of the feminine energy that has been repressed for too long on your planet. Each one of you who begins to allow this flow, to master the use of it is assisting the collective to embrace once again this hidden power within us all.

That is all for this transmission. We are with you always and are available for any and all questions that you may have about your process. Whenever you feel stuck or confused, call upon us and the clarity will be provided for you. Remember you must ask as we are bound by the law of free will. “

-Archangel Ariel

Message from Archangel Michael:

“Archangel Michael here. I wanted to add some important distinction from the masculine perspective. The twin flame journey is already completed from our higher perspective. The masculine energy within you all is struggling to integrate the feminine principle at this time. I offer this guidance. Stop trying. Integrating the feminine essence into the masculine is about opening to receive, it is surrender, softening, grace, allowing the divine energy to penetrate one’s being. Because your society has convinced you that this state of surrender is weakness, the psyche has a tremendous amount of resistance to allowing it.

I offer this perspective to help shift this resistance in the mind. True power is in absorption. Just as a battery holds the power necessary to charge the action of whatever needs it, so too the feminine aspect within all is the holding tank for the immense power of the divine essence. The feminine is the container for power, the accumulator, the masculine is thus powered into action by this power. Your masculine energy does not and cannot function without allowing the feminine to cultivate, nourish, and fill up with this power.

Both energies are crucial and necessary parts of the whole. The masculine role of action is what makes the feminine essence manifest. However, the masculine cannot perform this role without the backing of the power the feminine provides. They are intricately connected. One is not more important that the other. They are one whole system. Know this. I am the patron of this transformation, I am with any and all who are in the process of knowing and mastering this essential balance within. Call upon me for instruction and I will surely show you the way. Faithfully, your messenger of light, Archangel Michael.” 

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