Can I Have More Than One Twin Flame?

Can I Have More Than One Twin Flame?


For most people, the answer is no. There is only one other soul that is the exact frequency match to your soul. With that being said, there are infinite expressions of Source Energy in the universe. It could be that you have endless close matches. However, there is only one true twin flame for each person. 

In some rare cases, the original soul can and does split into more than two parts. This is for the purpose of anchoring in higher evolutions of certain frequencies on the planet. It could also be that the nature of the soul’s mission requires it to be in more than two places at one time. If this happens, each soul’s truth would match the reality of having more than one romantic partner in this way. Meaning, people who are part of a multiple flame group tend to be polyamorous and/or sexually fluid by nature. 

In some instances, the soul flame group consists of two romantic partners and other counterparts that are not meant to be romantic, but rather are simply part of the soul mission. In that case, you would feel whole and complete in the romantic relationship with one counterpart, and the other parts of the soul flame group would contribute to the mission in other ways. 

The reason some people would like to believe that they can have more than one twin flame is that they have a hard time letting go of the idea that someone they thought was their twin flame, isn’t. Instead of admitting that they were wrong about a particular someone, they would rather believe that it’s possible to have more than one. 

Unless you are one of the rare few who is part of a multiple soul flame group, you do not have more than one twin flame. You can have infinite false twins, frequency twins, and the like, but only one exact match.