How Do I Know I am a Twin Flame?

How do I know I am a Twin Flame?


If you have ever had a deep longing for a love beyond human comprehension, then you are probably a twin flame. If you believe that you have a destined partner that is perfectly matched to you in every way, then you are probably a twin flame. If you feel like you are a twin flame, then you are probably a twin flame. 


The point is that no one else can tell you if you are a twin flame or not. My personal belief is that everyone has a perfect counterpart alive on the planet, whether or not it is a twin flame or just a close frequency match. Whether or not the soul decided to embark on a twin flame journey in this lifetime, is something each individual person will have a knowing of. I also believe that if you desire something, it exists for you to have. The truth is that everyone can benefit from the twin flame path whether or not they are an actual twin in this life. If you follow the process of union within, you will get everything that was meant for you, including your perfect partner, twin or not.


Therefore, if you feel like you are a twin flame or desire twin flame union, then you are a twin flame. Even if you don’t have a twin flame incarnate on the planet at this time, you do have an ultimate soulmate match that will be exactly what you are wanting and needing. Every single human is made alongside with everything that they will want or need to have the most blissfully magical experience in this life. Whether that is a twin flame or just a perfectly matched soulmate doesn’t really matter. What is yours is already yours. To align with it, you only have to align with your pure vibrational essence to match up with it. 


Personally, I recommend everyone follow a twin flame path whether they are a twin flame or not. It is ultimately a path of radical self-acceptance, self-love, and discovering your purpose for being here. The tools and teachings of the twin flame path will bring you and what is yours to you. That means your perfect job, your perfect home, and yes, your perfect partner.