The 5 D's of Twin Flame Union

What is the Twin Flame Formula?

The Twin Flame Formula offers a simple five-step program to physical union with your twin flame. The five steps include the 5 D’s of Union. Decision, Detachment, Discovery, Defragmentation, and Discernment.


Free will is a gift from God. It is bestowed upon each and every one of us. Therefore, decision is the first step to receiving anything you would like to manifest. Even though the minute it is asked for, it is available for you to receive, you must decide with your free will to allow it into your reality. You must choose with your free will to be with your twin flame in the physical. You must decide that you will do whatever it takes to clear the path to union. 


Detachment is the most misunderstood step on any manifestation journey. How does one detach from a thing desired, but still desire it? A conundrum to be sure. What you need to detach from is from the asking, not the desire. Present in the asking is the vibration of the lack of what you want. In order to shift your vibration to the frequency of having what you want, you must detach from focusing on the lack of it. 

The best way to do this is to “Act As If”. What that really means is that you shift your ways of being to who and what you would be if you already had what you desired. Your desire called forth that what you want. It already exists in the non-physical. Your decision begins to open the channel for you to receive it. You must then shift your focus to the faith and excitement of the arrival of your desired reality. 

Detachment also means that you let go of the HOW your reality will unfold. Your focus is to stop micro-managing the flow of your manifestations and allow the higher intelligence to dictate how and when what you want will arrive. This means letting go of what it will look like and detaching from the outcomes of any romantic relationships you may find yourself in. Each connection along your journey is bringing you closer and closer to your beloved. 


Once you have decided, and detached from the HOW, it is time to discover your deeper self. Your twin flame is you, therefore, they will match your core essence. That means that they will be a perfect match to your core values, core decisions, and core vision for your life. Their life’s purpose will also be a seamless match to yours. Therefore, it is utterly important for you to discover who you really are. 


This is the step also known as “shadow work”. As you begin to discover more and more of your most authentic self, negative beliefs and patterns will begin to emerge into your awareness. These blocks are everywhere that you do not love yourself, or where you resist receiving love. Defragmentation is the process of clearing what’s in the way of receiving the union that already exists and is waiting for you. 

The process of defragmentation is what brings you into union with yourself. Because your twin flame is you, this is also the most effective way to come into union with your twin as well. This step is where the real work comes in. It will take courage and tenacity to be willing to face your own shadows. It is a process that needs to be done regardless for your own inner peace and freedom. The reward is the most blissful love and connection that you have ever imagined. 


Discernment is the last step, but also the first. It goes hand in hand with detachment. As you begin to uncover deeper truths about yourself, as well as clear negative beliefs and patterns, you will get closer to your beloved. You will begin to receive new manifestations into your life. Discernment is key to be able to identify where you have healed certain patterns and where you must now focus your defragmentation efforts to keep moving forward. 

Discernment and detachment go together here because you will begin to attract more and more potential twin flame matches into your reality. As you come into closer union with estranged parts of yourself, potential partners will present more and more as potential twins. You will need to remain detached from any one of them being your end all be all love in order to continue to utilize the formula. Confirmation of someone being your true twin only comes with time. If you get stuck on a potential twin, you may delay your real twin from coming forward. 

The discernment phase is not the end of the journey. As you manifest more positive connections into your life, you must use discernment to honestly assess if they are your twin or simply a reflection of you new phase on the path. Detaching from the outcome, continuing to discover more of who you are, and defragmenting any resistance or negative reflections is key. 

Rinse & Repeat

This path is not linear but rather a rising spiral. You will revisit these steps over and over again as you ascend to your highest expression. You know when you have arrived only after you have been in union with your twin for some time. So keep doing the steps. If you are not yet in harmonious physical union, keep going. 

Support on Your Journey

I will continue to post free articles and other support to assist you through any snags you might be hitting at any of these phases on your journey. I know it can be daunting at times, but no one said that having the greatest love of any lifetime would be a piece of cake. The path is simple, it isn’t always easy. I’m here to help. 

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