Twin Flame Formula Online Course

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Tired of Twin Flame teachings that get you no results? Are you confused on your twin flame journey? Are you not sure what to do next to get closer to union? Want to know how to identify whether or not someone is your true twin flame?
In This Course You Will Learn:
What a Twin Flame is and isn't
How to Recognize Your True Twin Flame
The 5 Steps to Harmonious Union
Do’s and Don’ts for Achieving Twin Flame Union
The Biggest Mistake People Make on the Twin Flame Path
How to Speed Up Reunion
and more!
Included in your purchase today:

The Separation to Union Online Course

+ 4 Guided Meditations 

+ Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

+ Free downloadable copy of the Twin Flame Guided Journal

Bi-weekly Live Support via Zoom

Private Facebook Group

2 Bonus Lessons:

How to Develop a Personal Relationship to Source

Expanding Pleasure for Faster Manifestation

Course Outline:

Introduction: Twin Flame Basics/FAQ (Watch for Free Now!)

Bonuses: What is Masculine & Feminine Energy? (included in paid version)
What Does Real Love Feel Like? (included in paid version)

Step One: Decide

Activate the Power of the Law of Decision to Call in your Twin Flame
Bonus: Activate Union Program Guided Meditation

Step Two: Detach 

Learn How and Why You Need to Detach from the Outcome
Bonus: Twin Flame Synchronization Guided Meditation

Step Three: Discover

Your Twin Flame is You, to Know Them, You Must Know Yourself
Bonuses: Self-Love Discovery Journal
Feeling Your Home Frequency Guided Meditation

Step Four: Defragment

Learn to Clear Anything in the Way of Your Union
Bonus: Twin Flame Separation Guided Meditation

Step Five: Discern

Know the Difference Between Soul Connections and How to Recognize Your True twin Flame

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