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From Routine to Ritual: Making the Mundane More Divine

The dishes endlessly pile up. Laundry is a perpetually growing mountain. We have to groom and bathe and exercise. We spend countless hours working to pay bills, eating, sleeping and all kinds of required human activities. Caring for these physical bodies requires a ton of time and effort. Juggling all of these tasks successfully can be time-consuming and honestly overwhelming. The worst part about it, is that it leaves very little time for the spiritual practice we all really crave. Not everyone has the luxury of abandoning daily life for full time monk-like devotion to spirit. Furthermore, few of us want to completely escape our physical routines, we just wish that they felt more magical and a lot less dull. 

If you already have set routines, you are halfway to the magic you seek. If you don’t have any established routines, you will want to set those up first. It doesn’t matter how you set up your routines, what you do first, or on what days. It only matters that it is consistent and you stick to it at least for an entire season. Don’t be afraid to try different orders of operations. Find what works best for you. 

Morning Routines

Your morning routine is the most crucial because it sets the tone for your entire day. Many people leave their self-care rituals for the end of the day. I highly recommend you do them in the morning. You may have to get up a little bit earlier to accomplish this, but I promise you it is worth it. Things you want to include in your morning routine are: Bathing and Grooming, Movement, Gratitude, Nourishment, Meditation and Intention Setting. 

  • Immediately upon waking, DO NOT reach for you phone. Take a few deep breaths and thank whatever divine source you subscribe to for a new day and name 5-10 other things you are grateful for. Continue to breath and begin moving your body. 
  • Sit up cross legged and roll your head around a few time. Move your ribcage around and wake up your spine. 
  • Place your palms face down on your knees. Take a few more deep breaths and set an intention for the day. Decide how you want to feel or what you would like to accomplish before bedtime.
  • At this point, you may check your phone for any pressing matters that need your immediate attention. If there isn’t anything of that nature, put it down again.
  • Tune into your body and Bathe/Groom, Exercise, and Nourish in whatever order works best for you. For me personally, I find that immediately doing some gentle yoga with a few minutes of silent meditation, followed by breakfast and then showering works best.
  • Once all of these are completed, you can engage in social media and email while maintaining your frame and intention for your day. 
  • Your morning routine will take you a minimum of 2 hours so plan your wake up time accordingly. If you require more time for Bathing and Grooming, plan for that as well. This breaks down to the following tasks: 5-10 Immediate Wake up + 5-10 Minutes Pressing Matters + 20 Minutes Movement + 5-10 Minutes Meditation or Journaling + 20-45 Minutes Breakfast + 20-180 Minutes Bathing/Grooming

Why We Need Routine

We need routines because sustaining human life requires so many different recurring tasks. Keeping track of and remembering what needs to be done without set schedules creates anxiety and chaos. Getting things done efficiently is almost impossible without routines. Basically, routines save you time. Since time is the absolutely most precious resource we have on this planet, routines are priceless.

Routines take recurring tasks and creates autopilot programs for them. This frees up your mental energy by preventing the endless deliberation of what to do and how to do it, or deciding if you even feel like doing it. With a set schedule you know what needs to be done when. No overthinking, no time wasted. The problem with routines for most of us, is that they’re fucking boring. 

Personally, I was super resistant to set schedules and routines because of this. I’m a free bird, a fucking creative wild ass poetic soul dammit! I didn’t want to have endlessly repeating sequences of the same shit over and over again. I thought I would die of boredom honestly. But leaving it all up to moods or “divine timing”, didn’t get the dishes or the laundry done when my family needed it. Not having any routines or schedules only increased the chaos I was trying to remedy. For my inner peace and well being, routines became a necessity. They were indeed incredibly dull and boring. I hated it so much. I knew there had to be another way. 

Making the Mundane Magical

I started to ask myself what the difference was between my ritual practices and the mundane tasks of everyday life. They were the same in that they had set schedules and repetitive orders of operations. But what made my rituals magical and my routines not was intention, consciousness, and reverence. Now all of my routines I consider rituals. Taking a perspective of all things being sacred, even folding laundry can become a divine experience. 

Calling it a ritual instead of a routine instantly infuses the task with spiritual magic. I assume an air of reverence for the task at hand, by being grateful for what it provides me. I thank and bless all the hands that have touched the objects I am working with. I remember that God is in all things. I think about how amazing it is that whatever is in front of me exists at all. I marvel in the miracle of the physical form. How this object didn’t exist before, but it was imagined from nothing, and manifested it into existence. 

To separate our human existence from our spiritual practice leaves little time for the connection to source that we all crave. When we choose to see what is sacred about even the most mundane parts of our day, life unfolds into the divinely satisfying experience it was meant to be. So give it a try. If you don’t yet have any set routines, make some. Then, be deliberate, conscious, and reverent as you perform them. Say a quick prayer, give thanks, marvel in the magnificence of the very existence of what it is. Transform them and infuse them with the magic of ritual. Make the mundane divine. 

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