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Manifestation Series: The Law of Attraction

In this podcast episode, I introduce the concept of manifestation using the Law of Attraction. Like frequency attracts like frequency. The subconscious mind is responsible for filtering all of the infinite possibilities in existence and feeding a coherent version of “reality” to the conscious mind. The way that it decides what to project into your awareness is based on the frequency of your thoughts and beliefs. 

The book I mentioned…

It is a misconception that we must manifest the things we want from scratch. In fact, we are manifesting every single moment of every single day. All areas, topics and subjects that you will ever want and need, already contain within them a manifestation. Even the lack of said thing is a manifestation of it. Because these manifestations already exist, you do not have to re-create anything from nothing. 

All you must really do is shift your own frequency so that the frequency of what sits in that area of your life becomes the version that you want it to be. For example, you already have something sitting in the category of “house/home”. Even someone who is homeless has this category filled. It is simply filled with lack or absence. Those things still hold a frequency. The specifics of what is present or not in that subject area, will always be a match to the frequency of the subconscious beliefs that you hold about that subject. 

Your reality is a conglomeration of all of the different beliefs that you hold about each area and subject matter in your life. If in general your life is good, then you will find that you have a majority of positive beliefs about life topics. If however, you would judge your overall life as not great, then you will have more negative beliefs in more categories than positive ones. 

In order to shift from the unwanted version to the wanted version, you must first understand what is actually present in each category slot. In future episodes, we will go into the next steps that you will need to shift your reality to the versions you prefer. To prepare for the next episode, do the following exercise.

Defining Your Life Areas & Subjects

♥ Grab a piece of paper or a journal. You can also use blank notecards as well.

♥ Begin writing down all the areas, topics, or subjects that matter to you in your life. Many common ones that people have are, Career, Family, Relationships, Health, Leisure, Hobbies…etc.

Then make a list of specific topics that fall under each general area. For example, under career you may have topics such as money, wealth, abundance, success…etc. Under relationships you may have topics such as love, freedom, companionship, affection…etc.

♥ Don’t take up too much time. Just write down the ones that seem most important to you, or that you feel emotionally charged about.

♥ Next to each area or subject, ask yourself “What is the dominant feeling that I have about this?” Examples may be feeling fulfilled in career, but perhaps lonely in personal life or love. You may feel empty in regards to family but incredibly fulfilled in your hobbies. Maybe you are incredibly angry about the state of your money, or feel trapped in regards to freedom. You may feel great about men, but suspicious of women…etc.

♥ Whatever comes up, write it down. Use feeling words. If you need assistance here are some examples of ways you may feel and their associated vibrations.  

Observe Without Judgment

You may be surprised at some ways that you feel about certain things. Don’t do anything about it now. Simply allow the truth to come into your awareness. Avoid the temptation to judge, ridicule, or speak negatively to yourself about how you feel. Just let it be what it is. Put this exercise away and bring it with you to next week’s session. We will go deeper into what you’ve discovered, and use it to get clarity on what it is you are really wanting. From there we will discuss ways to put in your “order” successfully with the Universe. 

I love you so much. See you next week!

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