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Moon Messages: Full Moon Portal December 12 2019

Dear Ones, 

This portal is a particularly potent one. The question that was asked of us was how can you best maximize this energy. We say to do nothing. Not nothing in that it is not important, but nothing in that turn over your burdens over to your higher power at this time. As the portal opens, allow yourself to also open to receive the healing and the blessings that you have been asking for. There is nothing that you need to do but this. Your angels and guides will take away that which no longer serves you and replace it with the higher frequencies that you need to accomplish your mission here on this planet. While this may seem simple and easy, for many of you it is not. 

Allowing that which is holding you down to be removed from your life at this time may throw you into turmoil. This is what you will need to be mindful of. You may experience the feeling of loss. Allow this. Purge, cry, mourn. All loss is worthy of your grief. All loss, even that which must be taken to bring you new life you must mourn. That is the unfortunate dark side of these intense energies. The full moon brings with it a tremendous opportunity to release old karmic bonds and usher in a new paradigm shift for your life and for humanity at large. 

Do try not to hold on. Release your grip on that which you have held onto for so long. We know that this is a fearful thing for many of you. Please trust that you are supported, loved, and guided at all times during these times of transition and great shifts. Rest, relaxation, and self-care is  key. Do be gentle with yourselves. Take some time to meditate, open, and allow our healing light to wash away all that is plaguing you. Cleanse and clear your home and your energy. Make space in your life for that which you have asked for. It is surely on its way to you. 

You are loved beyond imagining. You are worthy and deserving beyond that which you can comprehend. We love you infinitely. 


Your galactic and angelic brothers and sisters of the light. 

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