Dear Love
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New Music: Dear Love…

As some of you may know, I’m a singer-songwriter. It wasn’t anything I ever set out to become. It was simply a way that I found I could process my deepest feelings. It’s a healing practice for me more than anything.

The newest project I’m working on is a concept album. I had found myself in an unrequited love situation that I just couldn’t shake. What I realized was that there were so many things I needed to say that I never got the chance to. I felt stuck. Unable to release it with so many things left unsaid.

One day I realized that it wasn’t so much that I needed to say them to this particular person, I just needed to get them out. So I started writing songs. The entire album is based on these pent up thoughts and emotions. Love letters to a lost love essentially. The first single is the title track called Dear Love. Watch the music video on Vimeo or hear the tune on SoundCloud below.

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