Pleasure Principles 1.5/Rest
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Pleasure Principles 1.5/Rest

In the last session we got moving. Now it’s time to talk about getting proper rest.

Week 5: Go the Fuck to Sleep!

Shelter in Place

Before we talk about rest, we need to talk about a crucial component that contributes to rejuvenating rest, shelter. Shelter is required to feel safe enough to access the deep sleep in which the body can repair and heal itself. Resting without feeling safe will impede this process, as will resting without having sufficient nourishment, hydration, or movement.

The processes the body performs during sleep are crucial to maintaining wellness in the physical body. While it is true that the spirit or consciousness which resides within the body does not need rest, the physical vehicle must have sufficient time to recuperate each day. Again, this is unique to each physical body.

Rest Doesn’t Have to Mean Sleep

Polyphasic type sleeps work well for some, while others benefit more deeply from longer stretches of rest. Remember that rest does not always mean sleep. If at anytime the physical body asks for rest, one can achieve this by simply laying the body down and breathing deeply.

Pushing the body beyond it’s cries for rest can have detrimental effects. Rest and movement must be in balance. Too much rest and not enough movement creates stagnation. Too much movement and not enough rest creates burnout and irreparable fatigue.

The organs, tissues, and other cells require times of inactivity in order to revitalize and replenish their stores of whatever it is they require. Not allowing this time can have devastating effects to your physical vehicle. 

The Practice:

♥ For the next 7 days you are going to revamp your sleep and rest routine. Set a sleep and wake schedule if you do not already have one. Stick to it!

♥ Anytime throughout the day that you feel fatigued, lay down or sit comfortably, close your eyes and just breathe for 5-10 min. Allow your whole body to relax and rest.

♥ Make sure to set aside about an hour before bed to do calming, and/or winding down activities. No scrolling.

♥ Take an inventory of your home. Does it feel safe? How can you make it feel more safe?

Pro Tip:

Make your bedroom warm and inviting. Surround yourself in luxuriousness. Get a new duvet cover and sheets. Get some air purifying plants. Paint the walls in soothing colors. Put away the damn laundry!

Your bedroom needs to be tidy and free of clutter so that your mind can rest. All the energetic mess surrounding where you sleep can and will affect the quality of the rest that you get.

Here are some photos to get you inspired. Google “bedroom makeover” for other ideas, or check out the “Domestic Goddess” board on the BBGG Pinterest page for more!

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