Pleasure Principles 1.6/Touch
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Pleasure Principles 1.6/Touch

We have talked about breath, hydration, nourishment, the balance of movement and rest, and now in the last session of part one we will discuss the importance of physical touch and intimacy.

Week 6: Reach Out and Touch Somebody!

Physical Touch

Physical intimacy is a requirement for the proper functioning of the body. The individuation program in order to be human is quite intense. Therefore, one can forget that they are in fact not alone, but rather all one. Physical touch, affection and closeness to the bodies of others reminds the spirit of the reality that they have come to. It reminds them to attend to their own bodies, to keep them healthy and clean and attractive to others. It reminds the spirit that it is here in a physical dimension. Physical closeness releases important chemicals that move humans towards more connection and assist in the evolution of the soul towards reunion with God. 

Sexual Intimacy

Sexual release in the form of orgasm, is a more intensified reminder of the union with God. The intense, pleasurable sensations of sexual release, are to remind the body that there is existence beyond it. For sometimes the spirit can get lost or fall asleep in the physical world. Orgasm and physical release is an otherworldly reminder of some force that is greater than the body.

It is shocking and awakening. Sexual desire is nothing more than a deep remembering of the oneness from which we all came. Copulating with another is a way to experience this oneness yet again without death. It is often more intensified with those that are of similar vibrations, but also those of opposite frequencies. The underlying tendency for creation to move towards unity and come back to source allows for this magnetism.

Physical Intimacy is a Requirement, Not a Trivial Desire

Those that are similar in frequency naturally bond when they come close to each other. Those that are opposite in frequency recognize the missing parts of themselves, and long for the wholeness that the other offers by being parts they do not posses. The need to reach out and touch each other is undeniable, even without this vibrational affinity and/or tension. Physical intimacy is a requirement. It is not trivial, nor a superficial desire.

The purely physical pull to copulate is encoded in the genetic information of the physical vehicle in order to ensure that there are more bodies created for more souls to incarnate. The heightened pleasure is also a reward for perpetuating this universal game here on this planet. Though it is only one reason for the intense pleasure awarded humans in physical bodies. Clearly procreation is not the only purpose, if it were then the body would only reward those using sexual pleasure for that purpose.  

The Practice:

♥ For the next 7 days you are going to reach out and touch somebody! That body first needs to be your own. How often do you touch, massage, or caress yourself? How often do you allow yourself the pleasure of feeling your own skin?

♥ As often as you can remember throughout the day, stop and touch yourself for 10-15 seconds. Simply run your hand along the skin of your arm. Caress and squeeze your neck. Run your fingers down your thighs. If you want to include sexual intimacy with yourself, touch yourself without using any devices. Feel yourself, touching and receiving touch.

♥ Notice where you run into resistance. Notice where there is tightness, shame, or guilt. Make notes of any negative inklings that arise during the moments you stop to love on yourself in these ways.

♥ If you have the opportunity to be around others, reach out and touch them. If you are unsure, or don’t have a prior physically intimate relationship with this person, ask permission. Ask for hugs. Ask for snuggles. Ask to take someone by the hand, to rub their shoulders, to sit in close physical proximity.

Pro Tip:

Start small. Especially if it’s awkward or you have past trauma. Speak with a safe person who can help you to cultivate new positive physical experiences with touch. Your nervous system needs to acclimate, so don’t push yourself too hard. Take a step and then get used to that level of intimacy before you take another step forward.

This concludes Part One. In review, the concepts discussed were to prepare the body for future work. Lessons 1-6 were to familiarize you better with the basic needs of the physical vehicle. Only when the body’s fundamental needs are attended to, will it allow you the full experience of sensual and erotic pleasure that is available to you.

These are ongoing, ever present needs. If you feel that you have not yet mastered one or more of the topics in Part One, I highly suggest you dedicate some more time to focus in those areas. It’s impossible to be perfect all the time, but when you move on to subsequent sections of this course and begin adding in new experiences, anywhere that you falter in your basic body care will become magnified.

In part two, we will continue our journey by diving deeper into the realm of the five senses and begin to amplify the experience of pleasure in your body.

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