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Same Flames: The Difference Between Divine Counterparts and Twin Flames

Alright, let’s do it. Let’s talk about twin flames. I will be the first to tell you that there is a lot of mixed information about what twin flames actually are and how to connect with yours. While, I’m in harmonious union with my own divine counterpart, and have been for over a decade, it is of course possible that my experience does not reflect the whole. That’s just the required disclaimer. I am pretty confident in what I personally know about twin flames. I am not however arrogant enough to believe that what I know is the only truth, but it definitely worked for me. That is the reason I have continued to explore this topic and share. My hope is to ease the suffering so many seem to experience on the twin flame path… 

My Background and Experience

I came into union with my Divine Masculine inadvertently. I didn’t know what twin flames were when we met. I had been with men before, but at the time I was fully committed to a lesbian lifestyle. I was not checking for him. Not at all. The more we got to know each other, the more it was obvious we were meant to be together. My twin flame awakening process included an entire sexual identity crisis on top of the spiritual shit. For brevity’s sake, I’ll discuss that another time. 

Needless to say, it was that undeniable. He is my perfect match in all ways. We are not identical, but perfect counterparts. Not only in the beginning were we an uncanny fit, but as we grow and evolve we continue to be perfectly complementary. We are what I now refer to as ‘Same Flames’. Most information on the internet doesn’t distinguish between twin flames and divine counterparts. When people say they want their twin flame, I believe they mean their divine counterpart or Same Flame. The trouble is twin flames also exist. This is where all the confusion starts. I will explain this further a little bit later.

More Than Two

The thing about being with your divine counterpart is that there is a gentle merging that happens. You feel more like one unit than two people. So though we had found each other and felt a complete match within our twosome, together we felt as though we were still single somehow. Now, to be both bisexual and monogamous seemed unresolvable, especially for someone whose mission obviously involved being completely authentic and fully expressed. I happen to believe that God doesn’t make mistakes, so there had to be an answer to this seeming dilemma. 

After quite a bit of soul searching and a fair amount of resistance, it became clear that we were in fact more than two. In search of our other counterpart(s), and experiencing all the different types of soul connections, it became clearer and clearer that what he and I were was this twin flame thing people were talking about. We had come into harmonious union not knowing that’s what we were going through, so I began to research and reverse engineer how exactly it happened for us. 

I found a lot of misguided information. Much of it applied more to karmic soulmates and soul contract relationships than what we were. There was some accurate information out there, but it was almost always mixed with the information about these other types of soul connections. The more I researched, the more it seemed that he and I were divine counterparts, not twin flames. Those terms have until now been used interchangeably. I’ve come to believe they are completely different kinds of connections. 

I have to mention that the concept of having multiple “twin flames” is wildly controversial. I stand firmly in my belief that they can and do happen due to my own experience. I believe the reason some might be made as a multiple flame group is directly related to their mission and life purpose here on earth. The twin flame journey seems to be largely about the mission, more so than it is about romantic love. Being both in harmonious union with my masculine counterpart but not yet with my feminine, allows me to apply my theories and what I have learned in a more scientific way. That way I can communicate with greater certainty what works and what doesn’t for others on this path.

Because of my unique situation, my theories are ever evolving as we apply them to our own lives. I will soon write a revised edition of the book I wrote about Twin Flame Union with my new insights. For now, any blogs I post about Twin Flames will be the most updated information that I have. If you are confused already don’t worry. I promise to break it all down for you.

Why the Confusion?

The limitations of language will forever complicate subjects of a celestial nature. It is always a challenge to find the right words to translate divine communication. So “Twin Flame” I have noticed seems to refer to a completely different type of soul connection than what is meant when people use these words. When most speak of the twin flame connection, they are speaking of their perfect divine counterpart that was made of the same divine spark of life that they were. But that really is the same flame and not a twin flame isn’t it? 

Twin flames do exist. But they do not seem to be from the same flame. They are mirror images yes. They reflect each other perfectly, sure. But the same flame they are not. So I propose a linguistic shift here to differentiate between the perfect divine counterpart from the twin flame connection. Let us call the divine counterpart/other part of your soul “Same Flames”. So to clarify, divine counterparts and twin flames though used to mean the same thing, are in fact two different kinds of connections. 

Same Flames vs. Twin Flames

Everything about twin flames is true. The trouble is that some of the information applies to twin flames and some to same flames. It’s all jumbled up together, hence the confusion. Twin flames are intense connections. They activate you and mirror you. They awaken and challenge you. They will come in and out of your life to show you patterns and fears and unhealed trauma within you. However, as close in frequency as they feel, twin flames are not your divine counterpart/same flame. They are still mirroring souls, a stepping stone to inner and outer union. The twin flame path is the way, and your same flame is the destination. Same flame relationships therefore feel and behave differently than twin flames do. 

You will instantly recognize the similarities between you and a twin soul. They have the same or similar wounds to heal, and the same or similar paths in life. Same flames have the same core essence and are part of the same soul mission, but they are obviously different in nature. Divine counterparts often do not play the same roles in life, but each perform integral parts of the whole that makes up a unified purpose. There are endless signs and synchronicities when it comes to twin flames, same flames not so much. Twin flames feel instantly destined or fated. The presence of a same flame usually get taken for granted, especially initially.

Twin Soul vs Vibrational Twin 

To go into further detail, there seems to be two kinds of twin flames; Permanent and Transient. Transient twin flames are those that you find yourself in vibrational frequency match with at a given point in your life. Basically, you have met at the same place and the same time at the same level of awakening and/or soul evolution. They can also be soul contracts showing up to teach you lessons and help you reveal hidden wounds to address. Frequency is technically a location. So if you meet up with someone in the exact same spot, your lives will collide for better or for worse. 

These connections feel very much like twin flames do, and often include the infamous “runner/chaser” phenomenon. These types of connections are excellent opportunities to examine where you are still in separation from your own core self. Once you learn the lesson or get into deeper connection with your true essence, these connections often fade and do not return. We shall hence forth refer to this kind of connection as a “Frequency or Vibrational Twin

The permanent ones are like a twin sister or brother soul. You are so close in frequency on the soul level that you feel absolutely at home and alike. The subtle difference here is that you still will feel like two separate beings when you are together. You will be acutely aware of the boundaries of your energies. You are more alike than you are different. They are an expanded or slightly different version of you. You will feel like there is more of you in the room. Like you have doubled yourself. You will find yourself coming back to this person again and again as you both come closer to your true selves. 

To the degree that you disown or dislike yourself, a twin flame connection will trigger you in a negative way. If you have trouble facing yourself, facing a twin flame can cause a lot of upheaval in your life. This dissonance is the misalignment of your own self internally. They are your ultimate mirror. They are you reflected. Your divine counterpart/same flame is not a reflection of you, they are the rest of you.

What a Same Flame Feels Like

Same flames in contrast are more like puzzle pieces that have different edges, but fit together perfectly. This is because they are two parts of one whole soul. There isn’t the same marked intensity or rushed feeling that comes with twin flames or other soul connections. That’s because same flames are one for all of eternity. There is no actual hurry. You will meet this person and for some reason, they will just always be in your life no matter what. If you shift your vibration, evolve, or otherwise get closer to yourself, they never go away. 

They will feel like nobody else feels, and you may have trouble placing them in a position in your life. You love them deeply, usually in an unconditional way you’ve never experienced. You are definitely friendly but aren’t really friends. Though the attraction is undeniable, it doesn’t follow typical romantic patterns. There may be a brief separation phase with a same flame, but it becomes immediately obvious that life just isn’t right if you are too far apart. 

Once the soul recognition finally happens, separation makes absolutely zero sense. Not in that “I can’t imagine living without them” melodramatic sense, but in the way you would never think of living without your right arm. Why would you? This doesn’t mean that it will manifest into a full blown relationship right away. Even if the soul recognition leads to a romantic relationship immediately, there will be some personal work left. Much of this work is de-programming ideas and beliefs about love and accepting your most authentic self. It may be hard. One or both may want to bail. It is not however the runner/chaser deal that happens with other types of soul connections. You will both stay, and you will work through it. 

If it doesn’t manifest into a romantic relationship, there are several possible reasons for that. It could be that the connection is only about the mission and not meant as a romantic life partnership. One or both could be so focused on their twin flames or other soul connections that they take the same flame for granted. They could still be programmed with faulty beliefs about what real love is supposed to be like. The ego may be holding on to an image of their lives that the same flame doesn’t match. If you have recognized them but they haven’t recognized you, the lack of deeper connection is often reflective of your own separation with your inner self. (This is the part I’m currently experimenting with. I will keep you updated on my progress with that process.)

So, it’s not that people are wrong when they believe that they have met their twin flames, they probably have. It’s that they have met a vibrational or soul twin and not their same flame. This is the reason so many are currently experiencing the suffering of the runner/chaser drama and believe it’s just part of the deal. The same flame or divine counterpart is what most people are looking for when they are on the twin flame path. Aside from a brief separation, there is no runner/chaser phase with same flames. Usually the first separation is enough to realize that this person is a permanent fixture in your life, regardless of the nature of the relationship. 

Putting the Labels Aside

The most important thing to remember about this journey is that the point of it is finding yourself. While I think it’s important to understand the different soul connection types, I also think labels don’t really matter. If you want union with your divine counterpart, you must come into union with yourself first. No matter what label you attach to a particular connection, you must utilize the mirror they offer to heal your own inner separation. That is the work. Your same flame is you. Find yourself and you will find them. It is law. 

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