• Pleasure Principles 1.4 Move
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    Pleasure Principles 1.4/Move

    In the last session we talked about the importance of proper nourishment of the body. Now that you’re feeding yourself properly, breathing deeply, and drinking plenty of water, it’s time to get moving! Week 4: Move Yo Ass! Movement Movement is required by the physical vehicle for the same reason that breath is required. Breath moves life force energy around the body on a more subtle level. Physical movement moves the energy around the body on a more gross level. Movement also assists in the detoxification and evacuation processes, as well as keep the body fit and flexible. Just as the body needs to take in energy and nourishment, there…

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    Life After Enlightenment

    The concept of enlightenment is a life long pursuit for many on the spiritual path. There are groups of people who spend their entire lives meditating reaching for moksha, or the stage of liberation from the cycle of rebirth. While connecting to the ultimate essence that we are is an essential part of the spiritual path, it does not ultimately serve life. The purpose of enlightenment is to remind us of our divine origins. It is to awaken us to that divinity so that we may begin to awaken the soul from its slumber. In this awakening, we realize our true ultimate essence is oneness with source. The purpose of…